Vet Axcel


Vet Axcel

Run your veterinary practice more efficiently and more economically with the Vet Axcel chemistry analyzer. Alfa Wassermann offers a comprehensive menu of affordable, liquid ready-to-use reagents — a cost-effective alternative to dry chemistry.


The Vet Axcel chemistry analyzer is…

Easy To Use
Provides a seamless user experience and ultimately increases workflow efficiency

Processes up to 285 tests/hour; same day results

Liquid-ready reagents offer an inexpensive alternative to dry chemistry

Proven, reference-grade technology

Fully flexible test menu for both single and panel testing

Self-contained system requires no dedicated water or waste connection



Vet Axcel Instrument Features

1- Self-contained system in a small footprint; no dedicated waste disposal, water line, or cooling unit required
2- Disposable cuvettes provide the highest level of accuracy and eliminate the need for a water system
3- Continuous sample loading of up to 75 samples, processing up to 285 tests/hour
4- Perform single or panel tests from an extensive test menu
5- Closed-tube sampling with the STEP module minimizes operator interaction with the sample, making for a safer workplace; patient samples remain sealed in blood collection tubes
6- On-board reagent refrigeration maintains specimen and reagent integrity
7- Liquid, ready-to-use reagents eliminate prep time




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