Scil Vet ABC Plus


Scil Vet ABC Plus

General Overview

The scil Vet abc Plus™ is simple to operate and produces a complete four-part differential blood count in only 60 seconds. When the measurement is started, 10 µl of EDTA whole blood are automatically aspirated – no sample preparation is necessary. The results are automatically transferred to your practice software program. The operator-friendly reagent pack concept renders daily maintenance procedures unnecessary. The proven impedance technology delivers reliable results in both healthy and sick animals. scil Vet abc Plus™ Features:

  • 18 parameters in 60 seconds
  • Small sample size 10ul
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Automated QC +/- calibration
  • 4-part differential: The scil Vet abc Plus™ identifies all parameters of a complete blood cell count: erythrocytes, thrombocytes, leukocytes, hemoglobin and all erythrocyte-indices. 4-Part Differential: Granulocyte, Monocyte, Lymphocyte, Eosinophil.




Thanks to the integrated touchscreen, operating the device is even more innovative and easier than earlier versions.} Parameters

WBC, RBC, PLT, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, MPV Additional for Dog, Cats & Horses: LYMPHOCYTES (% and #), Monocytes (% and #), Granulocytes (% and #), eosinphiles (% and #), 3 Histograms: – Leukocytes, Erythrocytes & Thrombocytes} No sample prep!

Requires no sample preparation, no spinning Small Sample size
Only 10 µl of whole blood
Results in 60 seconds} 9 pre-programmed species
  • dog
  • cat
  • horse
  • cattle
  • rabbit
  • rat
  • mouse
  • sheep
  • pig


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